Snail gel moiturisers also known as snail slime cream are made of snail fluid derivatives. Those fluids are usually gathered by stimulating the snails. The fluid gathered is made up of many ingredients or elements such as peptides, copper, iron, zinc and enzymes among others. Lately there has been a lot of hype about the use of snail creams of snail gel moisturisers around the world. Although not scientifically proven, it is advertised or many so called benefits of the skin. From reducing scars or healing them faster to acne problems. Most people think or say that it really works. Every day you see many commercials about it and wonder if it is good or not.

Most brands advertises their products claiming that it protects and moisturises the skin as well as help in skin regeneration damaged by skin diseases or acne. Although there are no scientific research or testing of those claims, some people have already had/made patents about the process of snail fluid gathering. Now just because there are patents about it, doesn’t mean the product or cream actually work. Patents usually are related to how the slime is collected and thus, has nothing to do with the process of skin regeneration and burns as well as acne healing. Snail slime to make snail gel moisturiser and snail gel cream are collected by agitating the snail over water or through mechanical means so that the snail produces the substance.

Does the snail gel moisturiser a.k.a snail cream works?

A lot of studies (not research by actual scientists) were made on the subject. These studies showed a variety of effects including stimulation of collagen, increased production of fibronectin proteins among others. However these studies were done using cell structures and it is not clear how they connect to cosmetic products that are applied on the skin. Some people who commercialize the product to actually claim that it is a potent bioactive material, however, converting that to cosmetic products is different. It depends on a lot of things such as the slime extract quality and how it is processed.


It is apparently packed with rare and good nutrients for the skin such as peptides, irons and anti-microbial. Those are mostly used by cosmetic agencies and products and have proven to help the skin (placebo?) although not is confirmed scientifically. These nutrients protect the skin from UV rays, dryness and infection resulting from it. As you would have guessed by now just by looking, the slime is made from 91-98 percent of water depending on the snail.

Once collected, it is filtered a number of times to ensure its purity for consumers. If you are looking for a quality product, the mucus should be consistent when you pour out the content of it. The slime or liquid is best known for its skin anti-aging properties. It apparently stimulates the formation of elastin among others to protect the skin. It is also advertised as soothing the skin and repair damaged tissues but it is most known for hydrating the skin. Some people also suffering from dry skin and stretch marks might find that it can treat those along with a variety of other uses. In Korea, it is widely used for beauty products. Some of it is used to make facial masks, creams, moisturizers and even going as far as serums.

A ‘weird’ fact is that in Thailand, they have a spa session where live snails are put onto the face of the client and left to move around. Apparently, you get all the benefits from applying it directly onto the face. It is not advised to put the snail directly on your skin at home since the snails used in the spas are farmed professionally whereas those in your back garden are not and might already be contaminated with pesticides and insecticides among other chemicals that people use for plants. It also depends on what the snail eat to produce the best quality of slime or mucus. The quality needs to be consistent for consumers to use it.


The recommendation is that you should begin the use of snail gel with only a small amount so ask to check for allergies. Since it’s something alien to the skin, then it may not react well. Once you have tested and it has no secondary reaction, then you should continue using it for two week for all benefits is advertises. The use of snail itself dates back to the times of Hippocrates who prescribed its use to treat skin burns and inflammation. Little by little they made their way to South America where some of the people handling them realized that their hands which were exposed to the snail liquid appeared to stay longer and not aging rapidly.

Soon it made its way across France and quickly got popular across Europe. And now being a worldwide phenomenon, people want to know more about the products and its benefits. Most get it from the mouth to ear while other from advertising.

In wanting to use ingredients to give skin smooth and youthful qualities, it appears that cosmetics know no bounds like the use of copura organic extra virgin coconut. The have managed to pimp up snail slime to such an extent that it is now believed to be the holy grail of cosmetics and ‘eternal youth’. Not saying that it has no benefits at all, but all of the benefits aren’t just for the skin, it might have other specific uses. It is better than some products for some instances and worse than others in other instances but cosmetic companies have pimped it up to such an extent that everything that derives from snail slime is considered gold. Now it’s up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not but I would strongly advise you to go through all the benefits and uses as well as the wrong use of it before deciding to go for one of the tubes.

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